Why we expanded to Vermont

 Miles with YOUNGEST of two daughters and their puppy luka.

Miles with YOUNGEST of two daughters and their puppy luka.

I started Urban Alarm in Washington DC after a long and disappointing stretch as a customer of one of the national security alarm companies. I saw the options for security companies in the area and did not see any companies which were truly invested in the community. Not just as a business but in improving the quality of life for the residents and being a day to day part of the local business and residential community.

While I grew up primarily in Washington DC I also spent many holidays and Summers in Vermont with family and friends. Urban Alarm has grown from a garage startup to one of the most recognized and fastest growing community based alarm companies in DC.

Cody, Jess, and I connected during an industry event and recognized our shared visions for how a security company should serve their customers and what opportunities there are to create a company that is invested in and a part of the community.

Along with providing responsive and personal service, we do not believe in locking in customers to long term contracts. We want our customers to be happy to work with us. If at any time they are anything but, they should not be forced to stay with us because of a long term contract.

We are committed to Vermont for the long run and we look forward to serving you. If you have questions about your current fire alarm, security alarm, camera systems, access control systems... or how you may be able to leverage these sorts of systems to improve the peace of mind of your community, please don't hesitate to call us. 


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