Fire Alarm Design and Installation

When it comes to alarm installation, anything less than complete competence can quickly become a liability. Green Mountain Alarm, only employs and contracts with seasoned professionals fluent in NFPA code; ensuring your commercial fire alarm is effectively designed, installed and tested to meet the highest standards and mandated regulations.

Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

Even with quality installation, every fire alarm system requires regular inspection and maintenance. Green Mountain Alarm, will work in conjunction with your Architect, GC, and/or EC to ensure the properties you design and develop are prepared for any emergency.  We also perform Vermont state mandated annual inspections of your system; whether that system was designed and installed by us or others. With intricate knowledge of NFPA and the Vermont Life Safety Code you can be assured we will test your system’s functionality from top to bottom.  If we encounter deficiencies we will work with you to create a plan of action to correct them.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

We can remotely monitor issues with your system and contact you whenever an issue arises. When monitoring your system, we have the options of POTS lines,  Listed radios over cellular communication and your IP network. We can also include e-mail and SMS text notifications in conjunction with your call lists. With all these tools, we’re able to keep you updated no matter where you are.