Whether it’s securing the front door to your home, the vault that contains your business’ sensitive information or the valuable artwork in your museum — security alarm systems can give you peace of mind that your locations and possessions are secure.

Green Mountain Alarm can install hardwired or wireless alarm systems. We use high-quality equipment so that it will last for the maximum period of time. Our alarm systems also come with mobile applications that will allow you to arm, disarm and schedule the system from your phone or your web browser.

A basic alarm system will cover all of your entry doors and ground-accessible windows. As a second line of detection, it will also include several interior motion sensors. A more comprehensive alarm system will cover all windows with sensors — allowing us to detect if doors and windows are opened or if glass panes are broken.

Systems will have one or more “keypads” in areas where you may want to arm or disarm the system or simply check its status. Other common controls include panic buttons and environmental sensors that monitor combustible gas, water, and/or temperature sensors.

Arm and Disarm your alarm system from your mobile phone; manage users, scheduled, events lights and locks using Z-Wave home automation.