This video, from our sister company Urban Alarm, explains how our video verified security can be effective in securing properties including construction and outdoor properties.

Video security technology has allowed us to go beyond merely recording video and reporting any alarms: as soon as an alarm is triggered, we are able to review a video clip to see who triggered the alarm and how.

This technological progress provides several benefits. With motion-activated security in place, you and/or law enforcement will be able to instantly see a short video clip allowing you to easily see if it’s a viable threat.

If it is a serious threat, then police will have instant visual information about the person or people in question, and that can help in making a quick capture. If it isn’t a threat, it can be easily dismissed — preventing the need for police to become involved at all.

Video verified security is all about immediate response: it puts the video in front of you and law enforcement so you can act quickly to keep your property secure. Faster response time can lead to more arrests, a lower amount of direct losses and a reduced need to rely on insurance companies to file claims and collect back losses.

Compilation of actual events prove Videofied works, providing greater protection and security. Monitoring stations confirm an intruder is present and dispatch. Law enforcement give higher priority response to enhanced video alarms - and make more arrests. Videofied is endorsed by the National Sheriffs Association.